Anford Country House has been registered as a Level 4 business rendering services to emergency workers during the Covid 19 Lockdown period. We are able to provide accommodation and meals to our guests complying with the regulations of the lockdown.

Please contact me directly for any enquiries or bookings:
071 080 7180
082 565 5159

Anford House and Restaurant are ideally situated between Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park, just off the N4 highway. We offer accommodation, bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner facilities to travellers.

Being only a two-hour drive from Pretoria on one of South Africa's best roads.

Anford House and Restaurant also cater for small conferences and weddings.


  • Suites


    Ideal for that special occasion or to treat your loved one...

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  • Standard Rooms

    Standard Rooms

    Warm, cosy and comfortable and classic accommodation...

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  • Forest Cottage

    Forest Cottage

    Ideal place for families to spend quality time together...

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